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Airbnb Your Home

April 26, 2024

Home Sweet Profit: How Airbnb Transformed My Travel Lifestyle

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Ever dreamt of exploring the world without draining your savings account? We have earned over $21,000 in the last 3 years WHILE we have been traveling ANYWAY. That is an extra $21,000 that we have been able to put toward our trips. You’re probably thinking — what kind of trips are they taking, but let me tell you, travel – even when done on points and miles – is expensive. So many of our trips have been truly $0 trips, because the money we have earned by letting people pay us to house sit has brought in more money than we have spent.  

In this blog post, I unveil the secrets behind leveraging Airbnb to not only fund my adventures but also turn my home into a lucrative asset.

Gone are the days of worrying about travel expenses or returning to an empty bank balance post-vacation. With Airbnb, we’ve found a way to travel AND earn money by sharing our home. 

But the perks don’t stop there. By strategically timing my travels with peak tourist seasons or local events, I’ve maximized my earnings potential on Airbnb. When SXSW, F1 Racing, and Austin City Limits are in town – we’ve made almost triple our nightly rate. 

Here are some things I recommend:

  • Never rent out your home for one evening (helllloooo party potential)
  • Only rent out your home if it is financially worth it. Our minimum number of nights is 4. That is the threshold that we feel makes it worth the effort.
  • Don’t rent to locals – or vet them thoroughly (again, party potential!)
  • Explicitly state in your listing that your space is your personal home. Guests need to know what they are signing up for!

If you’re ready to let people pay you to watch over your home while you travel, you can do it!! Use this link and you’ll get an extra $40 on your first booking (and you’ll need that extra cash to buy allll the mattress protectors). 

I can’t wait to hear where you’ll travel (on points AND Airbnb funds)!