So how do I start

traveling on points & miles?

So how do I start


first, get excited!

I hope that you're feeling a sense of excitement about this new hobby of yours! Whether you are hustlin' in the workforce or hustlin' at home with kids - this little hobby can become your little side gig. We truly, no lie, have saved over $10,000 EACH YEAR, for the last 10 years on travel. Would we have spent that much to travel? Absolutely not. I kind of pretend that I contribute an extra $10k a year to my family vacation fund. It makes me feel quite accomplished.


Download This App!

I will do anything to avoid downloading one more app on my phone (ask my husband), but this one you need. It'll send you an email when you are approaching an annual fee. It'll keep track of your 5/24 status (more on that soon). It'll even recommend your next card.


Check Out My Free Beginngers Guide!

If you are new to traveling on points and miles, OR just want a refresh and to see it all in one place, this is for you!!


Get This Card!

Whether you're brand new, or you've been doing this for a bit, you can receive a sign up bonus for this card every 48 months! At the bare minimum, if you aren't putting your every day spend on a great rewards card, I would 100% start with this card!


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