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I live in Austin, Texas with my young family and (not young) husband. A former teacher and middle school assistant principal, I now love teaching YOU how YOU can provide experiences for your family for less money. Whether that involves teaching you how to earn and redeem points or decluttering so you can Airbnb your personal home while you travel (why not?) - I've learned that anyone can travel for less.

When not traveling, I can be found eating Oreos and peanut butter, taking naps, or planning our next trip — all probably from my bed.

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Traveling the world hasn't just made my life immensely better, it has also opened my family up to so many new places and experiences. I wouldn't trade it for anything! Here's a few of my favorite spots I've ever visited!

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The humble people. The rich history. The resort we stayed at, the Shinta Mani - wow - it was magical and special. The workers were hired from remote villages, trained in various skills, and encouraged to take their skills back to serve their community. 


There is just something about this city. The rich history, the gelato, everywhere you look there is just another famous artifact. Did I mention, the gelato? We love sitting on the Spanish Steps for hours people watching the local flower "salesmen" attempt to pressure undeserving couples into buying roses. 


There will just always be a special place for NYC in my heart. The melting pot of cultures, foods, and the American Dream. The smelly subways can't keep me away from the Highline, Levain Bakery, and Chelsea Market.