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May 18, 2024

The Best Kept Secret – Europe for $220!

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If you want to stretch your flexible points as far as possible and you are ready to travel to Europe, this post is for you!!

Check out to see some awesome flight deals. Don’t think you have Air France points – you might! Air France is a travel partner of the 4 major banks – Chase, Capital One, Citi, and AMEX.

I recommend starting on the Air France website (not app). The website will allow you to search for a destination WITHOUT choosing a departure date.

Once you get to the Air France website, start by creating a username. This will allow you to “search with points.”

Select your destination and leave the travel date open. This will allow you to see the entire month long calendar (bonus!! It always helps to travel with flexible points – easier said than done, right?) and dates with low points.

I bet if you look hard enough you can find flights for 20k points in each direction!

Not seeing them? You may want to consider searching from a less obscure airport. Consider flying out of a larger airport near you, where you could purchase a cheap positioning flight.

Do taxes seem crazy high? They just might. This can be a trade off with traveling with points. Some airports (I’m looking at you London) have CRAZY high taxes and fees. For our family trip to Amsterdam/London/Paris this summer, we ended up moving things around to avoid flying out of London. If you have this option, I recommend searching for those flexible dates. If you have more points to burn, but less $$$ you can check out airlines like United and Virgin Atlantic.

Can’t wait to see where you travel!!