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Hey there, I'm Amber Paul, a former teacher and mom of three, on a mission to help women live out their dream vacations without breaking the bank. Picture this: wandering through Rome, chilling on Mexican beaches, strolling Parisian streets—all on a budget. I've been there, done that, and now I'm spilling the beans on how to do it too. Oh, and here's the kicker: I Airbnb my house while we're off exploring, so we're practically getting paid to travel!

& I travel the world in my free time

Hey, I'm amber!

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I have just booked 6 nights for our family of 4 at the Los Altos Resort in Costa Rica for June on my points…costing me nothing, saving $3,798!! So amazing!! Thank you SO much for all your advice, it’s so appreciated - I wouldn’t have had the confidence to do it without your insight! 💛


Amber has taught me so much. We just got our second Southwest Companion Pass as couple based on her posts. It came at the perfect time, with our twins turning 2 this month. Our family of four can now travel for almost free with the points and companion passes we’ve earned used together! Thank you, Amber!


I just booked a trip to San Diego for June!! Would've cost $3,397.48 cash, but with points and miles I only spent $56 on flight taxes. What is this life?!! I LOVE YOU!!


"Amber has helped me figure out how to travel on points and I’m so grateful! It felt so confusing to me and she’s taken the time to help me understand how it works so I can travel more with my family. I also love seeing her travel with her young kids and creating memories and it’s so inspiring."

"Amber is my go-to-gal for all things points. She knows which cards are best for each situation and I trust her completely. Her recommendations are always spot on!"

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