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May 18, 2024

How to Open a Business Card Without a Traditional Business

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The secret sauce to traveling on points and miles is BUSINESS CARDS.

No question.

I always get asked – do you actually NEED a business to receive a business card?

I answer with a resounding “YES!” …and if you don’t think you have one, you probably do.

Step 1: Create Your Side Hustle

If you don’t have an LLC, you may qualify as a business owner if you – own a rental property, contract employee, sell things online (Etsy, Marketplace), tutor, teach piano, babysit, sell a good (cakes, shirts, etc.), drive Uber or DoorDash.

Step 2: Fill out your application

Let’s go through a typical business card application line by line.

Legal Name of Business: Use your full name as your business name (Jane Doe)

Business Name on Card: Your Full Name (Jane Doe)

Business Mailing Address: Your home address (unless you have a formal office/location)

Type of Business: Sole Proprietor

Tax ID: EIN # OR if you don’t have one use your Social Security Number

Business Category: Choose the one that best explains your business

# of Employees: 0

Annual Business Revenue: Project amount based on what you’ve done or could do in the future. It ypically estimate based on a month and multiply it by 12.

Years in Business: # of years you’ve conducted business. This may include without revenue (the years you didn’t make money)

Authorizing Officer: Owner

Gross Annual Income: Put in the amount you earn yearly, or your projected income.

Why a business card?

Business cards give you more options of cards you can qualify for. They also don’t impact your personal credit (except the hard pull when you apply) when you cancel a card. Business cards won’t impact your long-term credit history.

Business cards are so essential because they don’t count towards 5/24 (the unofficial number of personal credit cards that Chase bank will allow you to open in 24 months).

Here are my favorites!

Chase Ink Business Cash Embed link: <script src=”” defer></script><div class=”tf_card_embed_39″></div>

Chase Ink Business Preferred Embed link: <script src=”” defer></script><div class=”tf_card_embed_8″></div>

Chase Ink Business Unlimited Embed Link:

Citi AAdvantage Business Elite Mastercard: <script src=”” defer></script><div class=”tf_card_embed_15″></div>