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Card Pointers

May 18, 2024

Your College Kids First Credit Card!

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If you are just graduating high school and ready to get your first credit card, or just looking to start building your credit for the first time, this information is for YOU!

  1.  I only recommend you open a credit card if you are able to use it LIKE a debit card. Meaning – you are paying it off ON-TIME and IN FULL each month. Otherwise, it’s probably best to work on budgeting before we get to the rewards part of your credit earning journey! If you’re paying interest, your travel rewards aren’t free.
  2. I recommend you get one of these 3 NO ANNUAL FEE cards. Why? Well you need to keep this line of credit open forever. One factor that determines your credit is the length of your credit. So even if you graduate to better rewards cards in the future (and you should), you’re going to want to keep this one open with a reoccurring payment on it (think Netflix or any other random subscription you can’t live without).
  3. The two main purposes of this card is to establish your longest line of credit AND start you earning rewards.

Choosing the right credit card is an important factor on your credit journey! I’d recommend choosing one of these no annual fee cards and following along at @amberonpoints on Instagram as you REALLLLYYYY start diving in to the (fun) world of credit card rewards.

Card 1: MY PICK! Chase Freedom Unlimited (embed code: <script src=”” defer></script><div class=”tf_card_embed_49″></div> )

Card 2: Chase Freedom Flex (embed code: <script src=”” defer></script><div class=”tf_card_embed_633″></div> )

Card 3: Capital One VentureOne Rewards (embed code: <script src=”” defer></script><div class=”tf_card_embed_89″></div> )